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Individual and Couples

Stuart Paterson works with individuals, couples and groups, both short and long term.


Firoozeh works with a wide range of personal difficulties...
'My work with people is underpinned by the belief that the safe relationship counselling offers, is an integral part of personal change'

Gestalt Psychotherapist

Sandra Figgess is a gestalt psychotherapist who works with individual adults, also using EMDR and energy therapies to treat the effects of painful memories.

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Counselling has become a highly effective process for those who are having difficulties with aspects of their life or have developed unhealthy coping techniques in regards to behavioural problems such as stress, depression and anxiety.

The Children’s Consultancy provide counselling and psychotherapy to children, young people and parents within a network of specialist health care professionals based in the Oxfordshire and Cheltenham areas to offer thefollowing services;

Using this process they help clients to live in a self-defined way by:

About The Children’s Consultancy

The Children’s Consultancy was founded by Kim S Lee, Psychotherapist and Childcare Consultant, who has run the company since the start. With over thirty years experience, Kim S Lee has been providing counselling and therapy to children, young people, parents and adults to help improve their overall well-being.

Psychotherapy Treatments in Oxfordshire

Psychotherapy can be an appropriate treatment for those who suffer from long-term emotional difficulties and psychological illness. The emphasis is on helping people to recover from their emotional distress and towards lasting resolution, rather than focussing on 'problem solving'.

Children's Consultancy Owner

A central purpose of psychotherapy is to help people to reach a position of being more in control of their lives, and more able to manage independently.

Guidance for Behaviour Problems in Cheltenham

Offering guidance to parents on children’s problems is one of the many services we provide. Behaviour problems include the following;

Child therapy can help with the difficulties a child may be experiencing, and allows them to express their frustrations and emotions in a safe environment created to support and listen.

We also work alongside many health and social care professionals as well as solicitors within Oxford and Cheltenham, offering guidance to those children affected by separation or divorce matters.

If you feel you could benefit from talking to one of our team, contact us on via our online contact form, or on 01865 301 121.