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The Children's Consultancy preparations.
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Our Advice

In accordance with UKCP and NHS guidelines, I am writing to all patients and parents of patients to explain the preparations and precautions which are now in place at this practice.

These are quite simple and intended to reassure you that things are in place should self-isolation or restrictive movement become necessary.

Attending sessions.

  • Patients are now advised that in the event of their self-isolation, or for those preferring not to attend sessions in person, Telephone calls, FaceTime and Skype are available.

For those who wish to continue face-to-face sessions the following should be noted;

  • All handrails, door handles and relevant surfaces are cleaned with antibacterial products between each appointment every day.
  • Social distancing is observed at all times
  • An antibacterial gel dispenser is situated at the bottom of the first flight of stairs.
  • Bathroom facilities have antibacterial and ordinary soap, and paper towels are now provided as an alternative to hand towels.
  • Children will still be seen unless they are unwell, as would be usual practice.

Please ensure that you follow government guidelines where hand cleaning is concerned.

Above all, I would encourage you at this time to concentrate on the facts as we understand them and to follow updates from,



Should you have any questions about this information, or want to arrange appointments by Telephone, Skype or FaceTime please do contact me.

Best wishes,

Kim S Lee

March 12TH 2020 (updated March 20th 2020)

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist. MA. UKCP.

01865 301177

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