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Child & Adolescent Counselling & Psychotherapy in Oxford
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About TCC

The Children’s Consultancy was founded by Kim S Lee, a Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist and Childcare Consultant and has been working with Children and Adolescents since 1975. Forty years of direct practice, consulting and teaching, combined with further learning underpin his clinical work. Kim has consulted widely throughout the UK to many children’s organisations and has provided specialised training in Psychotherapeutic child care for practitioners who work with children. In addition to this he has appeared on radio and television and has written for professional publications. Kim holds full clinical membership with UKCP and associate membership with UKAHPP.  He has a special interest in Clinical Neuropsychotherapy and is currently undertaking further study in this area.

Psychotherapy and Counselling are effective treatments for Children and Adolescents who are struggling with emotional and behavioural difficulties which impact upon their lives and mental health. The importance of recognising and responding to these is becoming increasingly apparent.

The Children’s Consultancy sees children, adolescents, and parents and provides the following services;

  • Assessment – Please see (link to assessment page) for more details
  • Guidance – working with parents to enable them to help their child 
  • Treatment – regular therapeutic sessions with the child or adolescent
  • Referrals – recommendation and referral to a clinician best positioned to help


Psycho-therapeutic Treatment

Psychotherapy can be an appropriate treatment for those who suffer from short or long-term emotional and  psychological difficulties. The emphasis is upon ‘resolution and recovery’ from emotional conflict, with a focus on lasting resolution, rather than problem solving. Methods used with Children may include non-verbal techniques such as play therapy.

Guidance for Emotional & Behavioural Problems

Helping children and Adolescents to recover, also means paying attention to parents who are often puzzled and concerned at the child’s distress. Sometimes they have simply exhausted all efforts and feel desperate. Understanding the unique nature of the family and its history illuminates the likely causes of difficulties, and helps identify new and reasoned ways to help.

Some parents benefit from guidance where families are affected by separation or divorce. Parents caught in the emotional difficulties of such experiences are, despite their efforts, sometimes unable to recognise and respond to their children’s anxieties and emotional conflict. An external perspective can be of great benefit to all.


Services We Offer
  • Children & Families

  • Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

    Help for Parents

  • Temperature Probes

    Teenage Counselling & Psychotherapy