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Children and Families
Child & Family Guidance

Child & Family Guidance

Adults manage and solve problems using common sense, but when you're young that's not so simple. Psychotherapy is different because it uses 'uncommon sense', to understand the child’s unique experience rather than 'adult logic’.

The Children’s Consultancy works across the Oxfordshire area and often sees children who are angry, frightened, confused and distressed by the problems they experience. 

The Children’s Consultancy offers guidance for parents, their infants, and children up to age 18.

Based just outside Oxford The Children’s Consultancy has a history of working with children and their families from around this area.


Initial Stages

Initial Stages

First Consultation

At this appointment you will be asked to provide details of the problems the child is experiencing, how long these have been apparent, and for information about family circumstances. You will also be asked about the child's medical and educational history, and for any other relevant information. This will help to form an initial opinion and will assist in deciding the most appropriate next step.

Sometimes it is possible at this point to offer some guidance to parents to take away and try for themselves with an invitation to come back again if required. Most often the second stage is required.


This consists of two appointments where the child is seen alone, unless very young. An age appropriate approach is used to try and identify what the difficulty may be in view of the information previously provided. Sometimes even very young children are able to talk about perceptions of themselves and the difficulties they experience. Children also offer useful insights through their play.

Follow Up & Recommendations

At this appointment you will be offered an opinion, a view of the nature of the difficulties and recommendations concerning how to proceed.. These will depend upon a variety of factors and will include counselling or psychotherapy sessions for the child, guidance for the parents or further referral as appropriat

Working with Children and their Families
Providing Psychotherapeutic Services to Children and Their Families for Over Fourty Years
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Quite often children's problems are understood only through the behaviour adults see. Psychotherapists regard the behaviours as expressions of underlying causes, as well as being problematic in their own right. Some of the common difficulties children experience are:

  • Phobic & obsessive behaviours
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Eating disorders & self harm behaviours
  • Oppositional, aggressive & defiant behaviours
  • Attachment, separation & relationship difficulties
  • Lack of confidence & low self esteem
  • Bullying & difficulties at school
  • Autistic spectrum disorders including Aspergers Syndrome
  • ADD & ADHD


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