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Help for Parents
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Parents seek help for a number of reasons, and these are often noticed through changes in their child's behaviour. Sometimes these are associated with;

  • Difficult family circumstances, such as divorce or separation and parental contact.
  • Behaviours that are emotionally charged, with anger, anxiety or fear
  • Withdrawn and depressive behaviours, or self harm
  • An inability to manage social situations, and difficulties forming and maintaining relationships with peers and others
  • Oppositional behaviours towards adults and others
  • And many additional expressions of distress. These tend either to be acute, or may have developed and increased over months or years.

Knowing what is wrong and knowing how or if to respond is difficult. Seeking guidance helps to establish both the causes and what steps might be taken. Working therapeutically with children is not just about changing the concerning behaviours they demonstrate. It involves a thoughtful and sensitive understanding of why the behaviours have developed. In this way it becomes possible to help the individual and their parents to resolve conflicts and make lasting change. The work of therapy is sensitive and is focused entirely on the needs of the individual child, rather than applying what are known as behaviour management strategies. Parents play an important part in this process as by understanding the needs and difficulties of the child differently, it becomes possible to help your child and improve relationships.


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